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GO is now open source!

ThoughtWorks have been industry acknowledged experts in everything related to the practices of Continuous Integration and Delivery throughout the last decade. They were the creators of CruiseControl which was a de-facto standard tool for CI before all the new tools arrived. Neverthless their own commercial Conitnous Delivery platform named ‘Go’ has never come close to the popularity of even Bamboo or TeamCity ( not to mention Jenkins ).

Two days ago they announced they are making Go open-source, obviously as an attempt to increase market share. I gave GO a test-drive a couple of years ago and it seemed like a good tool back then. Now it’s open-source I’ll definitely want to look at it again. I promise to update on my impressons.

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MySQL server fails to start after IP change (Ubuntu machine)

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Happened today after we relocated a staging environment machine to DMZ.

>sudo service mysql start

start: Job failed to start.


Mysql has a bind address recorded in it’s configuration file: /etc/mysql/my.cnf

bind-address    =    <your.machine.ip>

Change the value to your new ip and start mysql. Should work like charm.