Let’s Build Your DevOps


Bringing together development and operations for continuous innovation and smooth software delivery is easy to say but may be challenging to do. And this is exactly the kind of challenge we like to tackle with.
You know it’s time to break out of legacy routine and streamline your software delivery for innovation.

We know how to build this.
Together let’s create your devops roadmap, optimize the way you work and walk all the steps to a high performing technological organization.

What Otomato can do for your business:

  • Assess your current delivery processes, identifying bottlenecks and pain points.
  • Build the DevOps Enablement strategy
  • Benchmark and select the right tools for the task
  • Review and re-architect your software delivery routines
  • Train and support your teams all the way through DevOps transformation
  • Assist with DevOps personnel hiring and mentoring
  • Identify and remove infrastructure roadblocks

Research and industry experience have repeatedly shown that enabling devops work principles leads to higher employee engagement, lower stress levels and enhanced productivity. This is the way we should work in the 21rst century, and there is no looking back.