Jenkins Advanced Workshop


The purpose of this workshop is to explore the advanced workflows with Jenkins CI – the free open-source continuous integration server application. The participants will learn how to interact with Jenkins REST API, how to use groovy language for Jenkins customization and how to use Jenkins with Docker containers. The training will be based on real-life examples and includes a lot of hands-on exercise.


Target Audience:

Jenkins users and administrators interested in expanding Jenkins knowledge. DevOps course participants.



16 academic hours (frontal lecture+exercise)



  • Jenkins CI – beyond the basics
  • Jenkins REST API overview
    • XML API
    • JSON API
    • Creating jobs with Jenkins API
  • Jenkins CLI – control Jenkins from command-line and scripts
  • Using groovy with Jenkins
    • Groovy script console
    • Groovy jobs for advanced administration
    • Groovy for dynamic parameters
    • Post-build groovy plugin
    • Groovy for advanced email notifications
  • Building advanced pipelines with Jenkins Pipeline plugin.
  • Jenkins with Docker
    • Docker plugin
  • Monitoring Jenkins performance.
  • Debugging Jenkins with system logs.