Jenkins CI Workshop

Jenkins Workshop Syllabus


The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the students to Jenkins CI – the free open-source continuous integration server application. The participants will acquire the fundamental skills of installing, configuring and administering the tool. In addition we will learn how to build a basic Continuous Delivery pipeline running jobs on distributed build nodes.

Target Audience:

Software professionals interested in acquiring basic Jenkins knowledge. DevOps course participants.


10 academic hours (frontal lecture+exercise)


  • Jenkins CI Server – overview
  • Installing Jenkins
  • Basic Jenkins system configuration
  • Jenkins plugins:
    • Overview
    • Recommended plugins
    • Upgrading and downgrading plugins
  • Build Nodes
  • Jenkins build jobs:
    • Freestyle Project & Maven Project
    • Configuring SCM
    • Build steps
    • Post-build steps
  • Continuous Delivery Pipelines:
    • Job dependencies and triggering
    • Build Pipeline Plugin
    • Delivery Pipeline Plugin
  • Summary

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