Puppet Beginner Course

Puppet Course Syllabus


The purpose of this workshop is to introduce the students to Puppet – the open-source configuration management system. The participants will acquire the fundamental skills of installing, configuring and administering Puppet. Basic concepts of IAC (Infrastructure-As-Code) and system state declaration will be explained and experienced.

We will learn the Puppet language, classes and modules which will allow the students to use Puppet for system configuration and management in their everyday work.

The course includes hands-on exercises involving installation and configuration of industry standard software components on Linux servers.

Target Audience:

Software professionals interested in using Puppet for configuration management and system deployment.


20 academic hours (frontal lecture+exercise)


    • Infrastructure As Code explained
    • What is Puppet?
    • How Puppet works.
    • Puppet server and nodes installation on Linux
    • Puppet Key Concepts:
      • Resources
      • Manifests
      • Facts
      • Variables
      • Conditionals
      • Classes
      • Modules
    • Puppet: basic Agent/Master